Best Practices for Unit Testing Blazor Components with bUnit

Best Practices for Unit Testing Blazor Components with bUnit

Why create tests of UI components? Isn’t UI tests inherently brittle, run slowly, and hard to maintain? The short answer is no, not with bUnit. bUnit is built to make writing tests for Blazor components feel like writing tests for plain old C# objects (POCOs), which means a lot of the good practices we know from unit testing carries over, as well as the benefits.

This presentation will give a brief introduction to bUnit and then dive into some of the best practices for writing components tests, tests which results in both stable and maintainable test code as well as maintainable Blazor components.

Language English
Level Level 100

Edition Blazor Day 2021
Room Main 2021
Hour 8:15 PM (Paris Time)
11:15 AM (PDT)


Egil Hansen
Egil Hansen

Experienced software architect, developer, Microsoft MVP, and creator bUnit, the testing library for Blazor components. Egil has a strong focus on creating maintainable software that solves real business problems, using techniques such as domain-...


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