Chris Sainty

Chris Sainty

Chris Sainty

About Chris

Chris is a Microsoft MVP, author, and principal software engineer with over 15 years experience with ASP.NET. He works at Deployed, a female founded startup, leading the engineering team.

Passionate about sharing his knowledge with the community, he regularly writes both for his own blog as well as others—such as Visual Studio magazine, Progress Telerik, and StackOverflow. This passion for blogging led to his current focus, writing Blazor in Action with Manning publications. He also maintains several popular open source projects under the GitHub organisation, Blazored. When not tapping on a keyboard, Chris is a keen speaker, having delivered talks at both user groups and conferences all over the world (virtually).

You can find Chris online at his blog and on Twitter as @chris_sainty.

Full-on forms with Blazor

Forms and validation are basic requirements for any modern web application. Be it login credentials, contact details or payment information—they’re the way we collect input from the user. But how do we work with forms and validation in Blazor? What enhancements can we leverage? In this session, we're going to answer that question and explore some of the more advanced features in Blazor's forms and validation system.


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